Wanda 2K Multi Primer

Wanda 2K Multi Primer is an easy-to-use multi-purpose primer with excellent wet-on-wet and sanding properties so you can achieve a perfect finish, fast. This versatile primer can be tinted up to 15% with Wanda topcoats, allowing you to achieve an enhanced and efficient color match with Wanda's compact range of ancillaries.

Key features:

• High build surfacer ratio
• Wet-on-wet primer ratio
• Tintable with Wanda topcoat
• Excellent sanding properties ​
• Can be applied to multiple substrates

Key benefits:

• Enhanced versatility (two products in one)
• Simple one smooth coat
• Jobs require less basecoat or topcoat and is great for spot repairs
• Low dust and easy to sand
• Saves time and no sanding required for Ecoat​​



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