What makes Wanda the smart choice?

Wanda- a smart refinishing solution with great value and no compromise on quality.

Our complete but compact system of vehicle refinishing products and digital color tools makes state-of-the-art technology easily affordable. What’s more, its simplicity goes on saving time, effort, materials and money every day.

Color smart

World-leading digital color technology for a perfect match.

Your customers demand a perfect color match. As part of the AkzoNobel family, Wanda makes color matching easy with world-leading digital color technology – Automatchic Vision and MIXIT.

Vehicle color is measured quickly and precisely using Automatchic Vision’s hand-held spectrophotometer. MIXIT, the world’s fastest and easiest color retrieval tool, finds the right formula from its huge database.

These tools are central to AkzoNobel’s Colorvation initiative, helping bodyshops to access digital color and gain its full benefit.

See www.colorvation.com for details.

Simply smart

An easy-to-use system that covers all your needs – but with fewer components.

Wanda’s complete system covers everything – from repairing a small scratch or dent to doing a full respray. What’s more, with Wanda you need fewer components, and they are easier to use.

Simple choices, simple mixing ratios and simple processes save you time all the way. In short, the result you want is simple to achieve.

Value smart

AkzoNobel quality at an affordable price – plus labor and material cost savings.

Wanda gives you AkzoNobel quality at an affordable price. It also reduces labor and material costs. How? 

  • The compact system requires less stock investment and management

  • Application is quick and easy

  • The accurate digital color tools and uncomplicated approach mean no errors or reworks

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