Wanda Topcoat 2K 420

Single-stage repairs with perfect results

Wanda Topcoat 2K 420 is a two-pack, VOC-compliant product creating flawless, high-quality, durable gloss finishes in single-stage repairs. Ideal for light commercial vehicles as well as cars, this topcoat uses the Wanda mixing machine system and 20 toners. Suitable for any size of job, from a single spot to an entire vehicle, it can be effectively sprayed over Wanda fillers or sanded OEM surfaces.

Key features:

  • Easy application and good sprayability
  • Strong hiding power
  • Fast drying
  • Outstanding finish with excellent gloss
  • VOC compliance

Key benefits:

  • Painter confidence
  • Material saving
  • Time and energy saving
  • Customer satisfaction
  • EU VOC directive respected


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