Wanda 800 Clear VHS

A top-quality shine delivered with ease

A top-quality gloss finish for everyday repairs can be easily achieved with Wanda 800 Clear VHS. This VOC-compliant clearcoat performs brilliantly in everything from spot repairs to total resprays. It offers rapid results that not only look great but give long-lasting satisfaction.

Key features

  • Outstanding sprayability, flow and durability
  • Easy polishability
  • Rapid drying – ready to handle straight after baking
  • Adjustable drying speed
  • Simple mixing with existing thinners/hardener
  • Available in 1ltr or 5ltr

Key benefits
  • Excellent gloss result and customer satisfaction
  • Time and energy saving
  • Easier reassembly
  • Versatility for differing needs and conditions
  • Less risk of error

How to use Wanda 800 Clear VHS


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